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Association of NDT Services
Organisation of India
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We are an “Association of NDT Services Organisation of India” called as “NANSO”, formed in 1985. This Association supports those NDT Organisations who are involved in Non-destructive Testing (NDT) in India, be it the NDT Service Provider or NDT Product Manufacturers, Suppliers or Dealers.

All these years NANSO focused on industry problems and in finding solutions by networking more effectively with other zonal members, Information on new technologies and requirement of educational qualifications is shared more effectively by working together.

Features of NANSO :
We are a National Association,
We have more than 300 plus Organizations as members.
Our members are the ownersof NDT Organizations,
We are recognized by AERB and BRIT, Divisions of M/s. Bhabha Atomic Reasearch Centre.
We provide a common platform to all our members for any sort of support or guidance.
We conduct “Business Meet” on a quarterly basis; where in organizations can promote their products to NANSO society and their other Customers as well.
Aims and objects of the Association:
Provide a forum where all members can come together and discuss their problems related to the running of the NDT industry.
Foster friendly brotherhood relationship amongst the NDT organisations.
Liaison with regulatory bodies and represent members grievances.
Encourage induction of new technologies in India.
Establish training institutes with modern facilities for better spread of knowledge on NDT.
Act as an arbitrator in resolving various issues between members.
Inform members from time to time regarding the changes in laws, rules & regulations, enforcement of laws and to provide assistance in implementing them.
Conduct seminars on new technologies and spread awareness.
Discourage unethical practice of grabbing jobs by undercutting and negative marketing.
To impart training to the members of the Association in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and other ancillary fields.
To arrange seminars, workshops, symposiums, conferences on Non-Destructive Testing, enabling members to update themselves with the latest developments in the field of Non-Destructive Testing.
Promoting the development, acceptance and the use of indigenous equipment, to effect import substitution.
To give all possible assistance (including financial aid like scholarships, assistanceships, stipends) to deserving and outstanding members of the Association for undergoing further training so that they may be able to help the members upgrade themselves to international standards.
To collaborate with organizations like NAARRI, Indian Society of Nondestructive Testing (ISNT) and other National / International bodies, to promote education, standardization and dissemination of information pertaining to Non-Destructive Testing.
To promote better understanding and appreciation of the science, practice and other aspects of Non-Destructive Testing.
To provide assistance to any member, through the resources of the other members, to overcome any sudden crisis arising out of unforeseen circumstances.
To liaison with the consumables suppliers, equipment suppliers, source suppliers.
To promote and educate the members on safe handling of radiation and radiation emergencies.
To promote and educate the members on safe handling of radiation and radiation emergencies.
The Association shall have the power to do lawful acts, deeds and other things as are incidental or conducive to the furtherance and attainment of the above aims and objects.
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